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Dark Souls The Boardgame: Asylum Demon

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As you pace the halls and corridors of the Undead Asylum it can be found to be a lonely and quiet place, moribund and uninviting. Here dwells a demon capable of lethal rage, its mind still ruled by virulent thoughts. Beware this foe. For all that you will fight stronger, more cunning, and more agile opponents, complacency will hasten your end at its hands all the same. Can you triumph over the Asylum Demon, or will your corpse soon be another to roam the Asylum with the hollowed?

Asylum Demon Expansion

The Asylum Demon Expansion is intended for use with Dark Souls™: The Board Game.

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This Dark Souls™: The Board Game expansion features a terrifying new mini boss and mega boss. Included are a new gigantic mega boss tile, deadly new boss behaviours, tokens for the new Pillar terrain piece, and unique new boss treasures. All the components provided are for use with the mini and mega boss encounters and offer two unique encounters!

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The Asylum Demon Expansion also adds new encounter cards which provide larger battles than ever before in Dark Souls™: The Board Game. The tremendous scale of these encounters creates a whole new level of peril for you and your party. Are you up to the challenge?

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1 Asylum Demon
1 420mmx420mm Mega Boss Game Board (foldable)
4 Level 4 Encounter Cards
24 Boss Behaviour and Data Cards
4 Boss Treasure Cards
Asylum Demon Boss Dial
4 Pillar Tokens
Rules Leaflet