Altered TCG: Beyond The Gates Booster Display – Verwacht 13/09





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Altered: Beyond The Gates Booster Display

Embark on an unprecedented adventure with the Altered Beyond the Gates Booster pack. This innovative trading card game invites players to play as a Hero of one of the game’s six Factions. After the Confluence, a magical storm, merged the imaginary world with ours, your mission is to lead expeditions into altered regions, in order to explore and understand the changes and restore balance to the surrounding areas. Reunite your Hero and your Companion anywhere on the adventure map to win the game!

Altered stands out with its unique, non-combat based gameplay, offering a fresh, strategic gaming experience. Fast-paced turns, an innovative mana system, and a Reserve mechanic make for fun and engaging games.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting world. Build your collection, customize your deck, and challenge your friends. Scan your cards and add them to your collection in the digital app to unlock the full Altered experience, including deck building, trading and selling, lore exploration, and participating in events.

Betreed Altered TCG, de nieuwe betoverende TCG wereld in 2024 - Dracoon

The Altered – Beyond the Gates BO contains:

  • 1 Hero card
  • 3 Rare cards
  • 8 Common cards
  • 1 Token card (booster drop rate 75%) or a Foiler card (booster drop rate 25%). 1 Unique card will replace a Rare card from time to time (booster drop rate 12.5%).