Arcadia Quest: Pet Pack 1

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In Arcadia Quest or Arcadia Quest: Inferno, players lead Guilds of intrepid Heroes on an epic campaign to rescue the city of Arcadia. But only one Guild may lead in the end, so players must battle against each other as well as against the monstrous forces threatening the city. Through the branching scenarios of the campaign, the Heroes gain awesome new weapons and abilities, and the game remembers the heroic deeds of players from one session to the next, unlocking exciting new possibilities in future scenarios!

Arcadia Quest: Pet Pack 1
Arcadia Quest: Pet Pack 1

This Expansion brings you 3 brand new Pets to use in your games: Jamon the boar, Cookie the fluffy kitty, and Neville the toad! Each of them comes with their Pet figure and Pet cards for all levels.