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Arkham Horror Collection Bundle:

Deze bundel omvat het basisspel “Arkham Horror 3rd Edition”, de uitbreiding “Arkham Horror: Dead of Night” en de standalone “Arkham Horror: Final Hour” aan een voordelige prijs.

Arkham Horror Bundle

Arkham Horror 3rd Edition:

“You don’t want to see real magic, kid. Nobody does.” 
–Dexter Drake

The year is 1926, and it is the height of the Roaring Twenties. Flappers dance till dawn in smoke-filled speakeasies, drinking alcohol supplied by rum runners and the mob. It’s a celebration to end all celebrations in the aftermath of the War to End All Wars.

Yet a dark shadow grows in the city of Arkham. Alien entities known as Ancient Ones lurk in the emptiness beyond space and time, writhing at the thresholds between worlds. Occult rituals must be stopped and alien creatures destroyed; before the Ancient Ones make our world their ruined dominion.

Only a handful of investigators stand against the horrors threatening to tear this world apart. Will they prevail?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Arkham Horror Third Edition, the next evolution of the classic cooperative board game of cosmic horror for one to six players. Originally developed in 1987 by Richard Launius and re-released by Fantasy Flight Games in 2005, Arkham Horror has long been synonymous with thrilling, thematic, cooperative board gaming. Now, we invite you to return to the Lovecraftian-inspired nightmare again—or visit it for the first time!—with a modern take on the classic game. You can pre-order your copy at your local retailer or online through our webstore today, then read on to learn more.

Return to the nightmare with 
Arkham Horror Third Edition!

A Light in the Dark

Arkham Horror Third Edition sees players taking on the roles of investigators in the bizarre town of Arkham, Massachusetts. Unspeakable evil waits in the space between moments and just past the veil of our existence, and investigators must work together to unravel the mysteries of the Ancient Ones, risking their lives and sanity along the way.

As the wall against the encroaching darkness, Arkham Horror Third Edition features twelve iconic investigators, each prepared, in their own way, to defend the world. Each investigator not only comes with a unique ability, but also a customizable starting kit, letting you choose how you want to outfit your investigator for the coming game. And ultimately, each investigator has their own history, and their own reasons for investigating the horrors of Arkham.

Although she may be a great lover of wealth and comfort, Jenny Barnes always had a curious and adventurous streak. While she adored the fashion and society of Paris and Venice, she was equally at home sport-shooting in rural Scotland or trawling the jazz clubs of New Orleans. She’d even funded an archaeological dig of her own, just for the fun of being the first one into the old tomb. So when she learned that her sister Isabelle was missing, Jenny came to Arkham to handle the matter herself. Perhaps a life of wealth and power had made her overconfident… or perhaps the rogues who’d taken her sister had just made their last mistake.

Jenny Barnes is one of Arkham’s most prolific and recognizable investigators, so it’s only natural that she makes an appearance in Arkham Horror Third Edition! She’s joined by eleven other investigators, many of whom will be familiar to players of Arkham Horror: the Card Game or Mansions of Madness Second Edition. It is these heroes who will provide a light in the darkness, who will stand against the terrors of the unknown, and if fortune favors them, will succeed in saving Arkham and the world.

The Approaching Doom

Each game of Arkham Horror Third Edition sees you and your friends exploring one of four different scenarios in the dark and deadly town. Each adventure brings your investigators to the edge of their sanity and beyond.

These scenarios see a race between the investigators desperately searching for clues across the city, and the forces of evil spreading doom to further their cause. Finding clues can advance the narrative of each scenario, inching you closer to victory. Spreading doom not only produces effects that will hinder you, but can lead to a very different conclusion… one where the world isn’t so fortunate.

While this push and pull between uncovered clues and impending doom will often determine how the narrative advances, other factors can come in to play, including choices made by the players. The fate of the world is in your hands. Do you have what it takes to succeed?

But what is all this madness in search of? What greater goal are the investigators trying to achieve? How will the unlucky few who know of these cosmic horrors discover a way to thwart them?

It’s not simply a matter of closing gates to other worlds and hoping that the problem goes away. At the start of the game, the exact goals of your scenario are a mystery to investigators and players alike. As a scenario progresses, archive cards are added to a codex that sits above the board. Each of these cards advances the narrative and offers new objectives for the investigators to strive for, with victory eventually in sight. Finding clues may lead to favorable new archive cards, while the spread of doom may reveal cards that were best left unearthed. Ultimately, the choices that you make and the specific events of each scenario lead you down branching paths, encouraging you to explore the scenarios and determine the best way to achieve your unique goals!

Archive cards guide the narrative of the story, offering a branching path within the scenario!

No matter which scneario you’re embarking upon, investigators will have to stay ever-vigilant. Moving around Arkham to discover clues will progress the scenario, but our heroes will also fight and evade monsters, gain resources, perform tests of skill, and more. Still, you won’t be alone; you and your friends will work together to defeat this unknowable evil and, by some miracle, you could come out victorious.

A Cycle of Chaos

Playing a game of Arkham Horror takes place over a number of rounds, each consisting of four phases. We’ll look at these phases in greater depth in later previews, but for now, they are:

  • The Action Phase
  • The Monster Phase
  • The Encounter Phase
  • The Mythos Phase

The Action Phase is the investigator’s chance to unravel the mysteries of Arkham. You can move around the town, attack monsters, discover clues, and more as you investigate Arkham like never before. Double-sided, modular hexagonal tiles (new to this edition) represent the different neighborhoods of this troubled city, and every scenario sees these neighborhoods arranged in a different way, offering a new look and a new piece of Arkham with every challenge.

 A modular board design makes every game of Arkham Horror Third Edition a different experience!

But investigators won’t simply be walking around the city. Alien creatures encroach on Arkham, and fighting and evading these beasts will be essential to success. You must balance these encounters with researching clues and purchasing the new tools that will be vital to your survival.

Investigators can move up to two spaces during their turn. The symbols on the spaces give hints as to what kind of encounters await them at that location!

After you’ve acted, the Monster Phase sees your darkest nightmares come to life. Monsters roam freely about the city, attacking investigators both physically and mentally, instilling fear and disrupting your carefully laid plans. Fans of Arkham Horror: The Card Game will instantly recognize this phase and understand the horror it brings.

On their character sheet, every investigator has two values representing the threshold of their health and sanity. Every attack can lower one or both of these values, and if either your health or your sanity hits zero, your investigator is removed from the game, physically unable to continue or driven to utter madness by the horrors they have discovered.

When monsters spawn, they will exhibit some sort of pattern to their movement. Once they engage with an investigator, their card is flipped and true terror is revealed.

The Encounter Phase sees the world of Arkham come to life via encounter cards. Every neighborhood has its own full set of encounter cards, and players draw them one at a time to discover a new twist in their narrative based on their location.

Along with the encounter cards that are distinct to each neighborhood on the board, every scenario also offers different event cards that are slowly slotted into the encounter deck, providing a truly new adventure in every game. Maybe you find a weapon to defend yourself in a mysterious shop on the far side of town, or perhaps the police finally believe your mind-bending story. Every encounter reveals a new piece of your evolving story and a new piece of life in Arkham.

Many of these encounters will see your investigator performing attribute tests. Success can be a moment of respite from the horror surrounding you, but failure can see your investigator dive deeper into madness and despair. Every investigator can be distilled down to a set of five attributes: lore, influence, observation, strength, and will. Encounters see these skills put to the test, and they can lead your investigator closer to the truth, or to madness.

Finally, the Mythos Phase sees the town of Arkham growing and changing. During the Mythos Phase, players take turns pulling tokens out of a Mythos Cup. These tokens can do everything from inviting more monsters into the town, to spreading doom across the city, to triggering a terrible reckoning. As the cup is passed from player to player, the board shifts and changes. While many of these tokens will make the game harder for investigators, they are also one of the few ways to introduce more clues to the board, giving  the investigators a goal to strive for.

Beyond Reality

Behind our own dimension lurk horrors beyond comprehension. No longer can you drift blissfully unaware on the blind side of the veil. Evil lurks around every corner. Can you save the world with your sanity intact?


Arkham Horror 3rd Edition: Dead of Night

Kate Winthrop pulled the collar of her long coat tight against her neck to ward off the creeping chill of a damp autumn night. With a squeal of tires, a long black car raced by, pursued closely by a police wagon. Kate pressed herself up against the iron railing of the bridge over the Miskatonic to keep clear of the chaos.

She’d read in the papers about the recent upsurge in violent crime and felt the increasing tension all around the city. As the nights grew longer, she noticed a deeper darkness lurking in the shadows around Arkham, and the instruments in her research lab at the university were responding to some influence that she couldn’t observe.

Something was coming.

In Dead of Night, investigators explore the facets of Arkham best left unseen in the light of day. Organized crime builds a strong foothold in the city, secret cults labor for a dark master, an alien moon hangs overhead, and unknowable horrors stalk the night. This expansion includes two all-new scenarios, new encounters for every location in Arkham, new monsters and anomalies, a new monster deck holder, and four new investigators to face these fresh horrors, armed with new spells, items, and allies.

Shots in the Dark

The gangs of Arkham have a long history of violence, and the peace between the O’Bannions and the Sheldons has always been tenuous at best. In the sweltering summer of 1926, a dark shadow pushes them into savage conflict.

The new Shots in the Dark scenario featured in Dead of Night sees investigators trying to make peace between two warring gangs in the streets of Arkham. You’ll have to deal with O’Bannion and Sheldon forces as you uncover the mystery of why these gangs are on the verge of tearing their rivals—and their city—apart. Maybe you’ll even have the opportunity to pick a side and end the conflict once and for all with a clear winner.

But why are these gangs at each other’s throats? In Arkham, nothing is ever as it seems and some conspiracies are best left unexplored. Do you have what it takes navigate this gang warfare and unravel the deeper mystery?


On the Lam

Dead of Night also includes four new investigators, each providing fresh blood for the horrors of Arkham to consume completely.

“Skids” O’Toole always tried to make decisions that would make his mother proud, but his luck never seemed to hold for very long. Something always went wrong, and each new choice seemed to leave him with fewer options than he’d had before. Then, his mom got sick and “few options” quickly dwindled to “no options.” In prison for robbing a bank to pay her mounting hospital bills, Skids learned just how badly things could go for a guy: his cell mate, ranting about “The Old Ones,” scrawled dozens of cryptic messages on the walls just before he burst into flames. Back on the street, Skids found another way to make his mother proud. Kneeling to lay flowers on her grave, he swore to do whatever he could to keep the world safe from ancient evils.

“Skids” O’Toole knows an opportunity when he sees one, and even at his lowest point can find the inner strength to push beyond his limits and face the horrors infesting Arkham. As a survivor/rogue hybrid, Skids can focus one of his skills whenever he rolls a one during a skill check. With a focus limit of zero, this is the only way Skids can increase his skills by focusing, and serves as a free action whenever the ex-con is down on his luck. But luck and grit aren’t the only tools Skids has at his disposal.

O’Toole is an expert at slipping out of trouble. He begins the game  On the Lam,  letting him give non-epic monsters the slip for a round at the cost of one horror. This allows Skids to stalk the streets of Arkham, avoiding the supernatural horrors bleeding out of every corner, slithering into places other investigators dare not tread.

When selecting Skids as an investigator, you get to choose between two different cards that will help determine your playstyle. Switchblade adds an element of danger to the ex-con, allowing him to deal one damage to a monster whenever you disengage with it. While Skids is not a great fighter, he is an expert at getting away unharmed, and his switchblade gives another level of protection against the encroaching darkness.


If you want to play Skids with a gentler touch, perhaps you can take advantage of his Light Fingers,  which allows you to potentially gain an item in the display when you perform a gather resources action. With a keen observation skill, Skids can often take full advantage of most items in the display. Of course, Skids could end up stuck with the Wanted condition. This condition prevents you from having any reputation talents, and potentially can lead to a run in with the law, something Skids wants to avoid at all costs. But is Skids willing to face his fears if it means saving the world from the impending darkness? What other new investigators are willing to face the darkness and protect the world from ancient unknowable evils?

Survive the Night

The dead of night is cold and unknowable. Where the deepest secrets of Arkham fester and come to life, where gangs rip each other apart and blood flows through the streets of our fair town. Can the investigators of Arkham Horror unravel the mystery before the world is flooded with thoughts of madness and insanity? You may have survived the horrors of Arkham Horror Third Edition in the past, but the dead of night is just beginning.


Arkham Horror: Final Hour

The Thing cannot be described—there is no language for such abysms of shrieking and immemorial lunacy, such eldritch contradictions of all matter, force, and cosmic order. A mountain walked or stumbled.
If I say that my somewhat extravagant imagination yielded simultaneous pictures of an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature, I shall not be unfaithful to the spirit of the thing. A pulpy, tentacled head surmounted a grotesque and scaly body with rudimentary wings; but it was the general outline of the whole which made it most shockingly frightful.

-H.P. Lovecraft, “The Call of Cthulhu”

One hour until midnight. Time to save the world.

After a sinister cult conducted an eldritch rite to clear the way for a transdimensional Ancient One and its minions to enter our reality, you arrived at the ritual site too late. An iridescent rift slashes across the sky, heralding the nightmarish creatures that pour into the hallowed buildings of Miskatonic University. As howls and screams cut through the night, there is only one path left for your fearless investigators—hold back the horde and find some way, any way to reverse the summoning.

Arkham Horror: Final Hour offers your investigators a fast-paced, fully cooperative Arkham Horror gaming experience that can be played in under 60 minutes. As an endless tide of monsters sweeps across the Miskatonic University campus, you must hold them back while searching desperately for the ritual components you need to put an end to the insanity. Your fate depends on the cooperation between you and your fellow investigators. The odds against you are astronomical, but if you fail, this will indeed be the final hour for Arkham… and the world.

A Fight for Survival

The cult behind the Ancient One’s summoning may have escaped your grasp, but they left behind many clues to the workings of their evil rites. If you can find and piece these clues together before time runs out, you may discover how to reverse the ritual and banish the Ancient One from the world.

But time is not your ally. You have only eight rounds in which to accomplish this task, each divided into two parts. First, your investigators use their actions to defeat monsters and uncover clues. Then, once all players have acted, the Ancient One strengthens its hold on the world, producing horrible effects and spawning more monsters through growing gates that litter the Miskatonic University campus. With each round, your task becomes more difficult as ever more monsters threaten to overpower your investigators and overrun the campus. Time is against you, and you must hurry to deduce the proper ritual components before your time runs out.

You Are Arkham’s Last Hope

Arkham Horror: Final Hour invites you to step into the shoes of Arkham’s finest investigators, each ready to defend the Earth no matter the cost. As Final Hour focuses more on combat than other Arkham Horror Files titles, you may choose between six of the scrappiest characters this universe has to offer. Whether it’s Jenny Barnes with her twin .45s, Michael McGlenn with his Chicago Typewriter, or Lily Chen with her unmatched mastery of martial arts, each investigator has their own set of skills and ways to help the group with their unique deck of action cards. These action cards let you move across campus, fight monsters, or search for the clues you need to reverse the ritual. You must prioritize and balance your actions across your team, working together to defeat your enemies and find the keys to undoing this madness. But communicating with your fellow investigators is not as easy as you may expect.

The top effects of Jenny’s action cards let her move or fight with no negative effects. The bottom effects may still let her investigate, but with a price!

As you run across the Miskatonic University campus, fighting monsters and searching for ritual components, you do not have time to sit and consult your plan of action. You must make your decisions largely on your own, choosing how to best resolve your action card and communicating with your team only through the use of priority cards. Each action card features a top effect that produces only positive effects, such as allowing you to fight monsters or protect locations, and a bottom effect that may allow you to investigate but leaves monsters free to wreak havoc of the campus. Your team must resolve the top effect of two action cards and the bottom effect two cards, which you determine by playing priority cards, your team’s only means of communication. You have no choice which action card you draw, but may choose any of the four priority cards in your hand to express to your team the importance that your top action be resolved—the lower the number of your priority card, the more likely it is that your top action will be resolved.

Once every player has chosen a priority card, the action cards are revealed and resolved. As Grand Gala has the lowest priority, its effect is resolved first.

For example, if Jenny Barnes draws her action  A Color for All Seasons,  she may wish to play the lowest priority card possible to ensure that the top effect is resolved, and she does not have to go searching for Izzie, unleashing monsters with each step. But even this comes with risks. By playing a particularly high or low priority card, you may end up strengthening the Ancient One and putting your team in even greater peril. Balance and communication will be the key to your victory, or at the very least, your survival.

The Rite Must Be Undone

But just fighting back the monsters will not be enough. You are here to reverse the rite and banish the Ancient One from Arkham once and for all. To do so, you must discover the necessary ritual components. At the start of each game, two clue tokens with matching ritual symbols are set aside, out of play, while the rest are scattered facedown about the campus for you to uncover. In order to end the madness, you must use the bottom effects of your action cards to investigate campus locations. As you deduce which ritual symbol you need, you will learn which matching priority cards to keep in your hand to help reverse the rite. Even if investigating with the bottom effect of your action card will illicit negative effects, it may well be worth it if it brings you closer to your goal—and with the fate of the world at stake, this is not the time to be overly cautious.

If you investigate at your location, you’ll flip a clue token at that location faceup to either reveal an item or a clue in the form of a ritual icon. Most clue tokens and some priority cards have one of five possible ritual icons. Each game of Arkham Horror: Final Hour will require a different icon in order to reverse the ritual. Your team’s goal is to have as many priority cards as possible with the right ritual icons when you attempt to reverse the ritual.

In order to deduce which icon you need, you must investigate clue tokens at various campus locations to eliminate possibilities. When the first copy of an icon is revealed, that icon’s chance of being needed for the ritual is reduced; if the other clue token showing that icon is revealed, it is eliminated as a possibility. Once you determine which ritual icon you need, you are ready to attempt your own eldritch rite to undo the cult’s dark machinations.

The diamond has been eliminated as a possibility and the hourglass has only a fifty percent chance of being needed for the ritual.

If you are all in agreement, your team may attempt to reverse the ritual at the end of any round. However, you cannot share information about which priority cards you have in your hand. All you can tell your fellow investigators is whether you are ready to reverse the ritual or not, and hope. When you attempt your own eldritch rite to counter the cult, each investigator commits three priority cards from their hand. If the number of cards with the correct ritual icons is at least twice the number of investigators, the ritual will be undone and Arkham will be safe once more! But if you fail, Arkham will fall to the power of the Mythos and chaos will reign over the Earth. The fate of the world is in your hands—you must defend it!

A Ticking Clock

Every second counts in you mission to save the world from the Ancient Ones. The odds are stacked against you, but with your team of loyal investigators at your side, you just may be able to reverse that madness and return Arkham to the peaceful New England town of your memory. Unite your allies, fight the chaos, and prepare for the battle of a lifetime!