Arkham Horror LCG: Nathaniel Cho Starter Deck


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Nathaniel Cho

Nathaniel Cho thought he had a career as a prize fighter, but after a run-in with the O’Bannion gang, Nathaniel puts his fists to better use, patrolling the streets and defending others from harm. As a Guardian, Nathaniel Cho (Nathaniel Cho Investigator Starter Deck, 1) is a fearless defender, eager to protect his fellow investigators and bludgeon the monsters of the mythos to a pulp with his bare fists. In fact, whenever Nathaniel deals damage to an enemy with an event or a fight ability on an event, he deals one additional damage.

Accordingly, Nathaniel’s deck is packed with combat-centric events. Cards like Counterpunch (Nathaniel Cho Investigator Starter Deck, 12) let you snap back after an enemy attack, while One-Two Punch (Nathaniel Cho Investigator Starter Deck, 17) has the potential to give you two attacks for a single action! And of course, you’ll want Nathaniel to strap on his Boxing Gloves (Nathaniel Cho Investigator Starter Deck, 5) to boost your combat and help you find these Spirit events every time you KO another enemy.


As Nathaniel gains more experience throughout the campaign, this starter deck offers a full suite of cards that invite you to upgrade your deck. For example, you may choose to shore up your weaknesses by bringing in a card like Lesson Learned (Nathaniel Cho Investigator Starter Deck, 24) that helps you quickly pick up some clues from your location.