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Descent 2nd Edition Expansions Bundle:

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Descent 2nd Edition Expansions Bundle
Descent 2nd Edition Expansions Bundle

Descent 2nd Ed. Labyrinth of Ruin:

Labyrinth of Ruin is an expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition that introduces an all-new epic campaign, plus new heroes, monsters, classes, and more! Set in a previously unexplored region of Terrinoth, Labyrinth of Ruin takes players on a riveting journey to the broken remains of a forgotten city. Throughout the many quests included in this expansion, heroes will enlist the aid of unique allies in their mission to stop the evil overlord.

Descent Second Edition: Labyrinth of Ruin

Even without its epic campaign, the Labyrinth of Ruin expansion features content designed to enhance your Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition experience for years to come. A new Overlord deck provides an alternative to the core game’s fifteen basic Overlord cards, while cunning new monsters add their strength to the forces of evil. Four new heroes seek adventure on the outskirts of Terrinoth, and four new classes (the Apothecary, the Beastmaster, the Hexer, and the Treasure Hunter) add to players’ character options. All this, along with new Travel Event cards, Condition cards, Shop Item cards, and a green power die, ensure even greater customization and replayability than ever before!

Venture Into a New Land

Dreams of fortune and glory, untamed lands, and old mysteries have brought you to the edges of Terrinoth, near to the ruined city of Sudanya. Little is known of this place and its people, but tales and legends give naught but high allure to the seasoned adventurer.

A dark omen shrouds your steps when you first discover the scattered remains of a Dunwarr expedition to these lands. Dead and burned, the bodies of these explorers transform to caution what was once a sense of excitement. Your destination of the Pylia Caravan, formed into an encampment for several weeks of local trade, lies not far on the road ahead.

The expedition’s fate forces you to recall many dark rumors regarding the mysterious city. Sinister forces, terrible magic, and a deep seed of evil led to Sudanya’s downfall, or so it is said. Will you unlock the secrets of the forgotten city, or will this grisly scene prove an ominous sign of things to come…?

The comprehensive campaign in Labyrinth of Ruin features nineteen narratively rich quests. While they can be enjoyed as standalone experiences, these engaging adventures were designed with campaign play in mind, telling the story of an enigmatic sorceress’s vile plot to bring darkness to the world. What’s more, as with the base game’s campaign “The Shadow Rune,” Labyrinth of Ruin ’s included campaign uses a clever plot system that reacts to players’ successes and failures. With each successfully completed quest, either the heroes or the overlord will grow in power…leading up to a gripping showdown in the campaign’s finale!

However, in addition to offering quest rewards such as gold, experience, and relics, Labyrinth of Ruin raises the stakes with an all-new gameplay element: Allies. These non-player characters, who come into play through specific quests, are represented by Ally tokens, and their abilities and attacks can provide much-needed support to a beleaguered team of heroes. But take care! The overlord seeks to corrupt your companions for his own ends, and should you fail to protect them, today’s dear friends may become tomorrow’s bitter enemies.

The Overlord Grows in Power

The overlord’s reach extends even to this forgotten landscape, and new minions have risen to oppose what goodness remains here. The tunnels and catacombs beneath Sudanya now crawl with giant insects, magically enchanted goblins, and worse, all waiting to eviscerate intruders.

Once harmless spiders now mutated to unbelievable sizes, the arachyura are massive and bloodthirsty killers capable of cleaving off arms with one grasp of their pinchers. Likewise horrifying are the chitin-armored volucrix reavers, bipedal insectoids with serrated blades for limbs, and the bottom-feeding carrion drakes, who spread noxious disease wherever they roam. These monstrosities have heretofore been content to remain beneath the scorched wastes, but recent months have seen them rise in service to the overlord.

In addition to new monsters with which to harass the heroes, the overlord’s arsenal expands with a host of new abilities. Labyrinth of Ruin introduces an alternate deck of basic Overlord cards, marked “Basic II,” which the overlord can put in play at the start of a campaign. These largely magical effects subject the heroes to a range of unexpected obstacles, and many of them have an added benefit when used to target a specific hero archetype. Befuddle , for example, forces a hero to reroll a successful attribute test…but when it’s directed at a hero in the Scout archetype, that Scout becomes fatigued. These additional text effects are sure to add a new layer of strategy to the overlord’s decisions and to everyone’s overall game experience.

Brave Heroes Enter the Fight

Even in the face of these challenges, hope persists. The heroes, for their part, benefit from the addition of four brave new characters and four versatile new classes. The mighty Beastmaster is a hunter of unparalleled skill, and with his loyal wolf at his side, he’s prepared to stalk his prey through any wilderness. Meanwhile, the avaricious Treasure Hunter may excel at claiming wealth and uncovering relics, but he’s more than capable of defending himself – and his newfound riches – should his situation demand it.

Those drawn to the esoteric ways of magic may prefer the Hexer, a “de-buffing” class capable of making the overlord’s minions pay for every step they take. With an arsenal of plagues, curses, and other afflictions at his command, the Hexer is a grim reminder that even the most objectionable forms of magic can be used in the name of good. Finally, the versatile Apothecary is a walking treasure-trove of elixirs, tonics, and other concoctions. It would be foolish, however, to assume that the Apothecary is a mere peddler of potions; many a foe has made that mistake, only to find themselves choked with poison gas.

New Cards, Dice, and More!

Along with its many never-before-seen characters and component types, Labyrinth of Ruin offers new Travel Event cards, Condition cards, Shop Item cards, and more! Bring grave misfortune to your enemies with the new “curse” condition, or add powerful weapons like the Obsidian Greataxe or the Serpent Dagger to your Shop deck.

Labyrinth of Ruin even includes two new green power dice, expanding the possible results of your attacks. These potent dice are most often added to rolls as the result of a special ability or bonus enhancement; not only do they lack a “miss” result, but they offer a two thirds chance to add a surge to your roll! With the subtle but noticeable advantage that green power dice bring, you’ll want to seek out the new relics, weapons, and powers that add them your hero’s dice pool.

Can you discover the riches hidden within the ruined city? Add Labyrinth of Ruin to yourDescent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition collection and unlock its secrets…if you dare!

Descent 2nd Ed. Manor of Ravens:

Within the abandoned manor house, everything was quiet. Furniture lay strewn across the floors, wrecked by bandits and looters. High in the rafters, a raven preened, watching the hall with strangely intelligent eyes. Below, a small creature entered the room and peered about warily. It seemed to be made from pieces of the manor – ruined table legs and bits of statues, with kitchen utensils for fingers. The creature was larger than yesterday. Tomorrow it would be larger still. No one knew it existed. No one was afraid of it yet. But nothing hides forever, and Skarn only needed to grow.

Image result for descent manor ravens

Prepare to embark upon a brand new adventure in Manor of Ravens , an expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition !

Strange creatures lurk throughout the abandoned manor that serves as the location for the six quests included in this expansion. These quests can be played sequentially as a mini campaign or woven into a larger campaign. However you play them, you’ll soon find your adventures transported to a haunted manor house, where the overlord’s influence is stronger than ever. The overlord commands powerful monsters here, and he finds a willing servant in the flocks of ravens around the mansion. If that’s not enough, the overlord gains two classes in Manor of Ravens , as well as relics for his monsters to put to evil use.

Can the heroes find a way to stop an empowered overlord? If they want to defeat the overlord’s minions in the darkness of the manor house, they would be wise to make use of the expansion’s heroes and hero classes for both Warriors and Scouts.

Dangerous Grounds

As the overlord, you are constantly threatened by Terrinoth’s heroes, who attempt to attack your minions and lieutenants, unravel your plots, thwart your plans, and limit your influence over the land. Still, there are strongholds the heroes can only guess at, places where you can experiment with new powers and concoct the newest parts of your master plan.

As the heroes approach the dilapidated manor house, monsters flock to your control. Comfortable in any environment, bandits gather in the largest numbers where there’s loot for the taking, and there’s plenty of loot to find in Manor of Ravens . Your bandits can even rob the heroes, taking their hard-earned gold and stealing their Search cards. In the depths of the manor, other monsters are stirring, however. Wraiths are malevolent specters, and their call brings nothing but suffering and death. Even the bravest heroes have been known to cower when wraiths approach.

Nevertheless, these monsters pale in comparison to the dread lieutenant who rises in Manor of Ravens . Skarn is a magical construct that adds pieces of the manor house to himself, repairing his wounds and increasing his powers. Skarn’s potential has no limits, and barring the heroes’ intervention, he could grow large enough to threaten all of Terrinoth. Even if they confront him before it’s too late, heroes hoping to end Skarn’s menace have a daunting task cut out for them. Skarn is highly resilient to attacks, and he only becomes more powerful as he absorbs the manor, inviting you to wreak havoc on the heroes.

Image result for descent manor ravens

The overlord gains more than monsters and a lieutenant in this expansion. Two classes of Overlord cards allow you to attack the heroes and enhance your monsters in entirely new ways. The Enchanter class creates lingering effects that remain in play, granting long-lasting bonuses to your monsters. These cards are only discarded when certain condition are met. The Unkindness class takes a different path to ruining the heroes’ plans. Purchasing cards from this class give you access to a servant: the Raven Flock! Servants perform similarly to the heroes’ familiars, and other cards in the Unkindness class give the Raven Flock even more potent powers and abilities.

You’ll also gain two additional types of relics included in Manor of Ravens . In the past, relics could only be equipped by a lieutenant, but Manor of Ravens introduces both monster relics, which are wielded by a monster group, and universal relics, which grant powerful effects while they remain in play.

Safeguard the Realm

Even in a place as dark as the Manor of Ravens , Terrinoth’s heroes still find hope. Two heroes take their places alongside you in this expansion. Alys Raine had recited the entire Common Law by her eighth birthday, and her love of justice led her to become a Warrior, focused on defending the realm against evil by purging it of monsters and injustice. She is joined in this adventure by Thaiden Mistpeak, a Scout of noteworthy skill. Whenever Thaiden forms part of your hero party, you’ll have an easier time staying clear of monsters and completing your objectives quickly.

Along with these heroes come two hero classes. Warriors gain the option to become a Marshal, dispensing justice and punishing the wrongdoer anywhere in Terrinoth. Marshals focus on stopping evil where they find it, and you’ll quickly find ways to make the overlord pay for his wicked deeds. Scouts, on the other hand, gain the Bounty Hunter class, inviting players to start a hunt against a monster. Bounty Hunters use their considerable skills to track a single monster, refusing to rest until that creature has been dispatched.

A House of Mystery

Whether you play as a hero or the overlord, however, you’ll be forced to contend with an extraordinary condition: Doomed! Certain monsters can spread the manor’s evil to the heroes, giving them the Doomed condition, while even monsters can become Doomed by some deadly weapons included in this expansion. While a hero or monster has the Doomed condition, he suffers an additional damage whenever he takes damage. A Doomed figure can be dispatched very quickly, but you can shake off the influence of the haunted mansion by spending a surge from an attack roll, using your heroism in battle to dispel the curse laid upon you.

Darkness rises within the Manor of Ravens , as the overlord begins to master his new powers. Monsters and a dread lieutenant wait within, while a flock of ravens keeps watch without. As Terrinoth’s noblest heroes prepare to enter the manor for a fateful showdown with the forces of evil, will you make your stand with the heroes, or conspire to make the abandoned mansion their final resting place? Determine the fate of Terrinoth within the Manor of Ravens !

Descent 2nd Edition Lair of the Wyrm:

The treacherous Wyrm Queen Valyndra has awoken from her slumber, unleashing her foul hybrid minions on the countryside to burn and raid as they please. Her lust for gold has lured her from her lair, and now it’s up to a few brave heroes to drive her back into hiding and destroy her cruel servants!

Bring even more adventure to your Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition campaigns with Lair of the Wyrm , an expansion that introduces new heroes, classes, monsters, quests, and more! Heroes can now discover secret rooms and investigate suspicious rumors, while the Overlord equips himself with deadly never-before-seen tricks as he fields a powerful new lieutenant. Dark secrets await within Valyndra’s lair. Do you have the courage to face the dreaded Wyrm Queen?

New Quests to Bolster Any Campaign

Lair of the Wyrm includes a selection of all-new quests to enhance your existing campaigns (such as the base game’s campaign, The Shadow Rune ). New Rumor cards represent campfire tales and other sources of information, which sometimes result in the spontaneous addition of new quests to the campaign. All together, the expansion’s five new quests form their own cohesive storyline…one that takes place concurrently to the larger narrative in which they are used.

Image result for descent lair wyrm

The quests in Lair of the Wyrm can, of course, be played as independent standalone experiences. But when used to bolster a larger campaign, they slide seamlessly alongside it, working into the existing narrative. For example, when adding Lair of the Wyrm to a campaign such as The Shadow Rune , the Overlord begins the campaign by drawing a hand of three Rumor cards. He can play one of these cards during each Campaign phase (based on its specific triggering condition), and each card may potentially lead the heroes to a quest that wasn’t previously available on the Campaign sheet (such cards are left faceup on the table, and represent new quest choices until they are selected).

Your band of heroes might be on the way to defend the farmlands in “A Fat Goblin” (a Shadow Rune quest), when suddenly the Overlord plays the Gold Digger Rumor card. Seeing smoke on the horizon, the heroes can then choose to investigate, leading to the Lair of the Wyrm quest entitled “Gold Digger.” Whichever quest they choose, however, the other will remain open for later exploration. This supplementary campaign system delivers engaging new options, while reinforcing the sense of a living, breathing Terrinoth.

A New Breed of Hero

In Lair of the Wyrm , two new heroes join the fight against the forces of evil. Reynhart the Worthy is a fearless warrior whose prowess in combat means he rarely makes mistakes. He can reroll misses once per attack, helping to ensure that every strike is righteous and true. Meanwhile, High Mage Quellen is a master of body and mind, and is able to quickly recover from exertions that would devastate lesser men. Quellen has developed the ability to feed off the fatigue of those around him, gaining strength where his fellows fail.

What’s more, Lair of the Wyrm introduces two new Class decks to your Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition experience, for use with the Warrior and Mage archetypes. The Champion is a true leader of men, whose inspiring presence and unparalleled valor is a source of motivation for his allies. The player of this courageous fighter gains valor tokens for himself and his fellows, which can in turn be used to execute powerful attacks and other beneficial maneuvers.

The Geomancer, on the other hand, uses his mastery of the earth to smite his foes. His Summoned Stone familiar is a nigh unstoppable golem made of rock and clay, and it can fire molten lava from its arms, explode into a hail of razor-sharp pebbles, or simply pummel hapless enemies into the ground!

The Overlord Grows in Power

But even as the heroes of Terrinoth gain new allies and tactics, their great enemy silently grows in sinister power. In addition to the Wyrm Queen herself, a fearsome Dragon Lord lieutenant seemingly formed from solidified flame, the Overlord gains two new monsters: mischievous and destructive Fire Imps, and flying Hybrid Sentinels…half-dragon monstrosities with a cruel penchant for preying on the weak.

The Overlord’s new advantages are not limited to his minions, however. His new available class, Punisher, specializes in making heroes pay for every inch they advance. With abilities like Trading Pains and Exploit Weakness, the Punisher class will make the hero players flinch with fear every time something seems to go their way.

All this, along with the new Secret Room mechanic, the new “burning” condition, new Travel Event cards, and more, makes Lair of the Wyrm an outstanding addition to your Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition collection.

Descent 2nd Ed. The Trollfens:

The Trollfens is an expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) that introduces new heroes, monsters, classes, quests, and more. Heroes can discover and investigate secret rooms and rumors while the overlord spreads infection and brings a powerful new lieutenant into play: the massive troll Bol’Goreth!

Image result for Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – The Trollfens

The two new heroes are Roganna the Shade, a Scout of unparalleled cunning and valor who has considerable willpower and speed at her disposal, and Augur Grisom, a healer whose very presence provides solace to his allies; after all, it’s rumored that he can see into the future.

Image result for Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – The Trollfens

In addition to new Shop and Relic cards, two new classes will enhance your character selection process. The Stalker, a class for the Scout archetype, is a master of the hunt who excels at laying traps of all kinds. The Healer class gains a Prophet, whose mind is his greatest tool; by sharing his insight with those around him, the Prophet bolsters the effectiveness of his fellow adventurers.

Image result for Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – The Trollfens

The new monsters include Plague Worms and Harpies, but most troublesome of all is Bol’Goreth, a single-minded killer devoted to the will of the overlord. This massive troll is capable of flattening farmhouses and devouring livestock whole. His uncanny resilience allows him to shrug off bodily ailments that would be lethal to lesser creatures, while his fits of unchecked rage make him a force to be reckoned with.

The new overlord class “Infector” features a wide selection of powers centered around spreading pestilence and disease.

Descent 2nd Ed. Shadow of Nerekhall:

Recovered from its times of trouble and under heavy threat from the Daqan Lords, the city of Nerekhall stands firm in its declaration: “The shadow has passed.” Yet sinister forces continue to build strength within the hidden corners of the city. They prepare for the day soon to come when Nerekhall, the baronies, and all of Terrinoth will tremble before their might.

Shadow of Nerekhall is an expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition , opening the gates to Nerekhall, a city with a dark and troubled past. The city’s officials proudly declare that Nerekhall’s days of evil are long gone, but others protest that evil stirs once more in dark corners. Whether an outside source is worming its way into Nerekhall, or whether the city’s old sins have returned, you and your band of heroes must discover the truth and destroy evil wherever you find it.

Streets in Shadow

Nineteen new quests await you in this expansion. The heroes no longer walk in the wilderness, far from the civilization. Now, the heroes must pursue their quests in the middle of the thriving city of Nerekhall, brought to life by a set of new map tiles, illustrating city streets, sewers, and academies, as well as the Black Realm – the home of vile demons.

Although Nerekhall may be more clean and civilized, comfort may prove hard to come by. Demons from the Black Realm enter the city, spreading danger and corruption, while in the sewers beneath Nerekhall, rumors abound of the rise of a new foe: The Rat-Thing King. Even the past may not be as distant as you would like, and before too long, even enemies from Nerekhall’s tainted history may rise once more.

In Shadow of Nerekhall , the overlord also gains a new effect that he can use to his ultimate advantage. This ability is known as influence. At the beginning of many quests in Shadow of Nerekhall , the overlord is given a choice between several options that can drastically change both the plot and mechanics of the quest. For example, the overlord may need to decide whether an errant executioner is corrupt or simply insane, forcing the heroes to uncover the truth before they can act with certainty.

Each of the overlord’s choices of influence effect in a quest are paired with a symbol. When the overlord chooses which influence effect he will use for the quest, he secretly takes the influence token with the symbol that matches his choice. Until the heroes find information about the overlord’s nefarious schemes, only the overlord will have full knowledge of the quest’s potential twists and turns.

Heroic Endeavors

The overlord may have the advantage of using influence to fool the heroes, but the overlord will certainly have to work to pull the wool over the eyes of the new heroes joining the adventure in Shadow of Nerekhall . From Orkell the Swift, a reformed bandit, to Ravaella Lightfoot, a gnomish wizard, these heroes will stop at nothing to defeat the dark schemes of the overlord and defeat the darkness gathering within Nerekhall.

In addition to four new heroes, Shadow of Nerekhall also introduces a new hero class for each archetype. The Warrior archetype receives a new adherent with the Skirmisher class. The Skirmisher is a light and quick Warrior, excelling at fast attacks and speedy escapes. While some Warriors fight best with a single, massively powerful weapon, the Skirmisher favors a different form of combat. By fighting with two one-hand weapons, Skirmishers can receive bonuses from skill and abilities.

Scouts have always been stealthy fighters, using camouflage and cunning to get the upper hand on more well-armed foes. Now, a Scout can make the shadows themselves his ally with the Shadow Walker hero class. This class allows a Scout to summon a Shadow Soul familiar, in addition to other stealthy tricks. Although a Shadow Soul moves slowly, its mere presence can drain the life from unwary monsters and servants of the overlord.

A Mage with a dangerous amount of tricks up his sleeve can be extremely useful in a fight, and the Conjurer is no different. By scattering his image tokens throughout the battlefield, a powerful Conjurer can cause the overlord no end of trouble, whether by making ranged attacks from one of his image tokens, or detonating every image token with a concussive explosion of magic.

The final new hero class introduced in Shadow of Nerekhal is the Bard. The Bard – a sub-set of the Healer archetype – takes a rather unorthodox approach to healing. Almost all of his hero class cards have two separate effects. One effect is triggered when the melody token is placed on the card, and the other effect is triggered when the harmony token is placed on the card. By customizing his effects to match whatever the heroes need, the Bard can ensure that his companions stay hale and healthy, while the overlord’s creatures suffer from the Bard’s musical attacks.

Shadows with Teeth

Although the heroes receive powerful new classes and effects in Shadow of Nerekhall , the overlord obtains equal power as he swells his ranks with new monsters and learns a new Overlord class. The overlord gains access to the Shadowmancer Overlord class, offering him new options and opportunities to attack the heroes with Overlord cards. The Shadowmancer class opens new forms of attack for the overlord, as he waits in the darkness until his plans have come to full fruition. The overlord can use these new Overlord cards to force the heroes apart, potentially turning them against each other and forcing them to split up, so he can pick them apart, one by one.

New monsters charge into battle for the overlord as well. Perhaps the most powerful of these are changelings. Although changelings are deadly in combat even without additional enhancements, when a group of changelings enters the quest, the overlord has the opportunity to play a Corrupt Citizen card, allowing the master changeling to take on a new form. Whether he impersonates a mage, a simple citizen, or even a hero, the master changeling is certain to be one of the principal servants of the overlord’s will.

Demons other than changelings are also breaking into Nerekhall from the Black Realm. Ynfernael hulks are large and surprisingly fast, their bodies rippling with heat and power. Powerful and dangerous, these creatures rip through the fabric of reality in search of the blood and agony that gives them sustenance.

If an influx of demons wasn’t bad enough, strange things have also been happening in the sewers beneath Nerekhall. Although rats are common throughout Terrinoth, they seem to be swarming together, as if controlled by a malevolent force – and whispered rumors seem to suggest that a new creature, the Rat-Thing King, has established itself beneath Nerekhall.

The heroes may not even have to look very far from home to see new enemies. Although they appear as mere metal statues, the ironbound of Nerekhall are in truth powerful magical constructs forged from black iron They act as defenders of the city, detecting, absorbing, and dissipating malign magical energy. Lately, their behavior has become erratic, although Chief Artificer Rylan Olliven assures the city that this is all normal and will soon be resolved.

The Mystery of the Past

No one can truly say how deeply corrupted Nerekhall has become. The heroes must determine whether an outside force is working to subjugate Nerekhall, or if the city itself is rotten to the core. As the heroes begin to uncover the truth, Nerekhall’s past returns to haunt its future. The Shadow of Nerekhall is rising once more! Prepare for an adventure like none other.

Descent 2nd Ed. The Chains that Rust:

You have traveled these accursed lands for far too long. Bound here by Kyndrithul, the manic vampire lord, your bodies and souls are his ongoing experiment. Something foul taints your blood. You are both living and dead—a little of both or perhaps not quite either. Regardless, you now know your last hope for a remedy. If you will ever escape, Kyndrithul must die.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce The Chains That Rust, a new expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark!

Your journey thus far has taken you deep into the Mistlands and the domain of Waiqar the Undying. In this land of shifting mists, uncertain footing, and terrifying undead, you are certain of little. The heroes that you’ve fought alongside for years seem suddenly alien and unknowable. Spirits loom up out of the fog and vanish moments before they touch you. Even the air you breathe seems to be worming its way inside you, tainting your blood and binding you to the Mistlands with indelible bonds. More and more, you are sure of only one thing: you must find a way to escape.

The heroes’ adventures through the Mistlands continue with The Chains That Rust, a new Descent expansion that pits your might against ever more deadly dangers. Within this expansion, you’ll discover an entirely new one-act campaign that can be played on its own or as a sequel to the campaign included in Mists of Bilehall. New Tainted cards and a new Overlord class give the overlord player new tools, even as eight plastic figures swell his armies with new monsters. Finally, you can stretch beyond your hero’s traditional Class decks for the first time with the addition of hybrid classes!

Where Warriors Go to Rust

Playing off of the themes first introduced in Mists of Bilehall, the Mistlands are no less dangerous in The Chains That Rust. As in Mists of Bilehall, the noxious mists afflict each of your heroes with new Tainted cards. Although a Tainted card may initially seem to give your hero the benefit of extra health, its true, insidious nature is only revealed after you’re knocked out. After your hero is knocked out, the Tainted card is flipped over to reveal a dangerous effect, such as Dream Walk . Worst of all, you also become tainted, which means you can only recover damage through untainted heroes and heroic feats.

It’s not just the mists you have to worry about as you seek to free yourself from bondage to Kyndrithul. The very ground beneath your feet may shake and give way with the addition of crumbling terrain and old walls might suddenly fall to reveal an undead monster stalking you. You’ll also have to face the horrors unleashed by an entirely new Overlord class—the Soulbinder.

Soulbinder cards offer a variety of powerful effects, but they all start with Ties that Bind . Once you’ve purchased this card, it remains in play for the rest of the campaign. By exhausting this card after a monster is defeated, you can bring the Scourge servant into play. Servants were first introduced by the Manor of Ravens expansion, and in The Chains That Rust, you can use the Scourge to help your monsters crush the heroes. Called forth from the souls of dead monsters, the Scourge is slow-moving and deadly in a fight. What’s more, it can quickly increase the level of fatigue that the heroes suffer—whenever a hero adjacent to the Scourge suffers fatigue, you can choose another hero to suffer a fatigue! With such dangerous effects, your opponent will want to kill the Scourge quickly, but if they do destroy it, you can simply summon it again as soon as a different monster is slain.

Undead Terrors

The mists obscure many things from the heroes’ sight. A flicker of motion may be a reed bowing in a phantom wind, or an undead creature scuttling past. You’ll find three brand-new monster groups within The Chains That Rust, and each poses unique dangers to those who battle against them. One such group is the shambling colossuses—monstrous undead constructs, created by the arts of foul necromancy and animated by hate and agony. A single blow from the bony spur of a shambling colossus can puncture a hero’s body, leaving him drained and empty. 


Some of these shambling colossuses undoubtedly answer to the marrow priests. These monsters are priests utterly devoted to the worship of death. Their fanaticism has given them unnatural resilience and power, which makes them powerful enemies. Unlucky heroes may even be forced to contend with the dispossessed—bands of spirits that have gathered together into a vengeful whole. These ghosts flicker through the Mistlands, choosing their targets and driving them mad with fearful, spectral visions. 

Moreover, the heroes will face three lieutenants over the course of the campaign. These lieutenants—Kyndrithul, Zarihell, and Ardus Ix’Erebus—were already featured in the Mists of Bilehall expansion, but even if you’re planning on playing The Chains That Rust as a standalone expansion, you can benefit from adding these Lieutenant Packs to your collection. 

The Rules Have Changed

Though most of the new cards and content in The Chains That Rust are focused on the overlord player, one crucial aspect massively increases the options available to the hero players: the addition of hybrid classes. These new classes allow you to bring a Class deck from one archetype to a hero from a different archetype, massively increasing the number of classes you’re able to choose from at the beginning of any campaign. 

For instance, as a Scout, you may choose to take the new Monk hybrid class. The first Class card for this class is Greater Calling , which reads, “When you gain this card, choose 1 standard Class deck belonging to the Healer archetype. When you spend experience points, you may purchase skills from either Class deck, excluding cards with an XP cost of 3 from the chosen standard Class deck.” Not only does this allow your Scout to immediately gain a Healer Class deck, along with all of that deck’s starting Class cards and items, you also gain access to three powerful Class cards from the Monk Class deck to give your hero a unique identity.

For instance, you may purchase Inner Balance , which you can use to heal your allies’ conditions and boost your attributes. Openhanded rewards you with greatly increased attacks for daring to attack your enemies with your bare hands. Finally, you may take a Vow of Freedom , eschewing traditional weapons or armor in exchange for the ability to dramatically increase the power of your attacks and defenses. 

Three other hybrid classes in The Chains That Rust give every hero archetype access to hybrid classes, and your options for customizing your hero have never been more open. Whether you take the holy vows of a Monk or wield sword and magic interchangeably as a Battlemage, these hybrid classes offer new tactics for every hero.

Break Your Chains

The Mistlands have tainted your blood and enslaved your body, but they have not yet broken your spirit. Fight for freedom and bring down the power of the Mistlands with The Chains That Rust, a new expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark!