Living Card Game (LCG) Bundle

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Deze bundel omvat de core set van de volgende cardgames van producent Fantasy Flight Games aan een voordelige prijs:

  • The Lord of the Rings LCG
  • Arkham Horror The Card Game LCG
  • Heroes of Terrinoth

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Living Card Game (LCG) Bundle

The Lord of the Rings LCG:

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is a cooperative adventure game in which the players attempt to complete a scenario, each with three heroes of their choice and a deck of allies, events and attachments to support them. Each round, players send their heroes and allies to quest or to fight with enemies that engage them.

The Lord of the Rings LCG

However, as the heroes and allies exhaust after questing, defending, or attacking, the players’ options are typically insufficient to deal with everything at once.

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Therefore, players need to determine whether it is more urgent to quest and make progress in the scenario while the enemy forces gain power, or to take down enemies while making no progress, not knowing what will come next.

Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
Lord of the Rings: The Card Game


The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is the base game of a Living Card Game for which new adventure packs are released monthly. The base game contains three scenarios, twelve famous characters from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien (including Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Denethor and Eowyn), and four pre-constructed player decks.

The Lord of the Rings LCG

Players can either use one of these decks; or construct their own deck to increase their chances to be succesful in the more challenging scenarios. The monthly adventure packs contain a new scenario, a new hero, and new player cards to be used in their deck. The base game is for 1-2 players; but with an additional base game the scenarios can be played with up to four players.

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Although this game is set in Tolkien’s Middle Earth, the scenarios do not represent scenes from the books, but rather take place in the seventeen years from Bilbo’s birthday until Frodo’s departure from the Shire.

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The scenarios from saga-expansions do represent scenes from the books.

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Saga-expansions will form the Campaign Mode; so that you can play all the saga quests that deal with the trilogy (+ Hobbit) together in one marathon campaign.

Arkham Horror  LCG:

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”
–H.P. Lovecraft.

Arkham Horror The Card Game

The boundaries between worlds have drawn perilously thin…

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a cooperative Living Card Game® set amid a backdrop of Lovecraftian horror. As the Ancient Ones seek entry to our world, one to two investigators (or up to four with two Core Sets) work to unravel arcane mysteries and conspiracies.

Their efforts determine not only the course of your game, but carry forward throughout whole campaigns, challenging them to overcome their personal demons even as Arkham Horror: The Card Game blurs the distinction between the card game and roleplaying experiences.

Enter the Mythos

In Arkham Horror: The Card Game, you become one of the unlikely group of investigators living and working in or near the quiet New England town of Arkham. You might assume the persona of Federal Agent Roland Banks, or you might slip into the role of street urchin Wendy Adams.


Regardless of which investigator you become, you’ll begin play with a number of different strengths and weaknesses. Some of these are indicated by your double-sided investigator card. Others are built into your deck.

This is because, as with Wendy Adams (Core Set, 5), each investigator comes with deckbuilding requirements that include two character-specific cards and a weakness. In Wendy’s case, this means her deck will always include Wendy’s Amulet (Core Set, 14) and Abandoned and Alone (Core Set, 15), as well as a basic weakness—possibly Amnesia (Core Set, 96) or Paranoia (Core Set, 97).

You’ll have a good measure of freedom in the design of the rest of the deck. You can load it with different gear you might equip, allies that you’d like to accompany you, spells you might cast, weapons to help you battle the strange monsters you encounter, talents you can develop, and events that might grant you valuable momentary advantages. However, no matter which cards you build into your deck, you’ll have to remain cognizant of your physical limitations.

Even if you’re fighting monsters that defy explanation, you’re still only human. That means you’ve only got one neck, one body, and two hands. It also means that your mind can only withstand so much strain before you go mad. Accordingly, in Arkham LCG, your investigator can only equip a limited number of items. And you’ll count yourself lucky to find even one ally bold enough to accompany you along the way.

For all the freedom you gain in building your deck, however, the greatest freedom you gain as an investigator in Arkham LCG is the ability to steer your investigation in whichever direction you wish. Do you want to scour a room for signs of the occult? You can. Do you want to leave the room and explore another location? You can. Would you prefer to load your weapon in case the sounds that you’re hearing are being made by something not fully human? You can.

Your decisions in Arkham LCG aren’t limited by the cards in your hand. Rather, you have three actions each round to use as you wish—to search for clues, to move, to battle monsters, or to dig for resources and equipment. You’re the character; you’re not limited by the cards in your hand.

Layers of Mystery

In Arkham Horror: The Card Game, after you’ve assumed your role as investigator and prepared your deck of resources, you’re ready to embark upon a series of strange and mysterious adventures.

Instead of trying to defeat other players, the goal of Arkham LCG is to successfully unearth the secrets of the Ancient Ones, their minions, their cults, and the unfathomable evils that they’re perpetrating within the streets of Arkham. In order to do this, you must find a way to gather enough clues that you can solve the mystery immediately before you. This is done by exploring locations, discovering the clues they hold, and using those clues to advance the act deck.

However, you have to move quickly, because you and your companions aren’t the only active parties in this game. In addition to the act deck, there is also an agenda deck. While you and your companions are conducting your investigation, the forces of evil are advancing their agendas.

Each round, you’ll place doom upon the active agenda, and discover other cards that will accelerate this impending doom. Should enough doom be placed upon an agenda, the forces of evil will have moved another step along their ultimate design, and should they progress through the agenda deck before you and your friends successfully complete the act deck, you lose.

These forces of evil won’t just be working in the shadows. They’ll confront you at every turn, hoping to defeat you and thwart your efforts. Each adventure comes with rules that help you quickly assemble a custom-tailored Scenario deck that reflects the different enemies, obstacles, hexes, curses, and other treacheries you may face during your investigations. Along with the any rules specific to the adventure, as well as its act and agenda decks, this Scenario deck gives life to the game’s eerie mysteries.

You may overhear Mysterious Chanting (Core Set, 171) echoing through the halls of Miskatonic University. The floorboards may break open beneath you as Grasping Hands (Core Set, 162) reach and flail blindly about, grasping and clawing at your ankles. Or your investigation of a damp cellar may lead you straight into the path of an Icy Ghoul (Core Set, 119). There’s no telling what you may encounter—the range of possibilities is utterly unfathomable.

A Gateway to Other Worlds

Beware! Once your eyes have opened to the terrifying realities of our world, you can never unsee what you have seen…

You can, if you wish, play Arkham Horror: The Card Game as a series of standalone adventures, but you may find that your early investigations lead to as many questions as answers. And for those who dare continue, there’s more to your investigation. The game’s adventures are designed as parts of larger campaigns, and the choices that you make in one adventure will have consequences later on in your campaign. You may suffer mental or physical trauma. Your enemies may gain strength. Or you may reduce their number, recruit valuable allies, and gain valuable experience with which you can “level up” your deck.

Some of the game’s cards feature pips beneath their cost that indicate their level. Although you cannot include any of these cards in your deck at the beginning of a campaign, you can use the experience you earn from your adventures to add them to your deck, swapping them in for other cards.

These alterations in your deck mirror the sense of character advancement familiar to most roleplaying games and helps to prepare you for the greater challenges you’re likely to face as you move further along and draw nearer the heart of your campaign’s mysteries.

Finally, as a Living Card Game®, Arkham Horror: The Card Game allows you to explore realms far beyond the confines of the Core Set and its campaign. Deluxe Expansions and Mythos Packs introduce new adventures, new campaigns, new player cards, and even new investigators.

Begin Your Investigation

Steel your nerves, arm yourself, and be sure to consult your most arcane tomes. The boundaries that guard our world from the other realms of existence are growing thin, and all manner of strange and eerie adventures await you in Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

Heroes of Terrinoth:

The spirits have given me a map that only I can read. I already know the way.

Terrinoth needs champions.

An ancient Bloodguard sows discord in the Free Cities, the dead rise from their graves in the Mistlands, and the realm turns its eyes to you in search of a savior.

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Here, you have the chance to embody one of Terrinoth’s greatest heroes and venture into the depths of treacherous dungeons to confront the dangers that lurk beyond the reaches of the light. You’ll battle terrible monsters, discover untold riches, and earn fame and fortune throughout the realm. The danger is great, but the adventure of a lifetime awaits!

Warriors of Mennara

Heroes of Terrinoth is a cooperative card game of questing and adventure that invites you and up to three allies to take on the role of unique heroes, choosing from twelve distinct and powerful heroes, split between four archetypes—healer, warrior, mage, and scout. These archetypes are further diversified into different classes that your heroes can pursue as your power grows. Regardless of which class you embrace, you and your friends must combine your powers, leaning on one another’s strengths to survive your journeys and defeat the enemies who stand against you. Over the course of eight thrilling quests, you will face villainous foes, battle deadly creatures, and save the realm!

If you have any hope of surviving the desperate task before you, you will need to forge a mighty party of adventurers. You may call upon a skilled scout to track your enemies’ movements or a warrior to make quick work of a goblin horde. A healer’s unquestionable skill in the mending arts will doubtless come in handy as your battles take their tolls, and a mage’s link to the arcane may prove invaluable when you must think on your feet. On top of their quest specialization, each hero has a unique ability that offers them an edge, and with each new quest your band plays, you will gain experience, learn new abilities, and discover equipment to help you overcome future challenges. And that’s a good thing, because the threats to the realm gather strength with each passing day.

Embark on New Quests

Once you have gathered your team of heroes, you are ready to set out for new adventures in Mennara. Heroes of Terrinoth provides you with eight quests to choose from, where you may be tasked with saving townsfolk, slaying a powerful beast, or recovering a priceless artifact. Each quest sheet provides you with new objectives, as well as the distinct setup and story-specific rules that ensure no two adventures are the same.

Your adventures begin in “The Goblin Problem.” You’ve traveled a day from Goldhall, across the sweeping fields of Allerfeldt, stopping at a roadside inn as the sun dips below the horizon. As you sit down to supper, a haggard man bursts through the door, clutching at a wound in his side. “Goblins,” he gasps, “Dozens. One of ‘em says he’s a king.” You’ve heard of this self-styled king before—strong, devious, and just cowardly enough to keep himself alive. This may not be the glorious foe you’d imagined, but he may be a worthy adversary to test your skills, and goblin-slaying often proves to be gainful employment as grateful townspeople fill your pockets with gold… not to mention the riches that come with a wealthy goblin’s hoard.

Every Second Counts

In every round of Heroes of Terrinoth, you and your fellow heroes will be tested to the utmost, as you perform actions, weather enemy attacks, stand fast against the growing peril, and travel to new locations.

As your first choice in each round, you’ll need to select which activation cards will best help you survive and advance your quest. All activation cards fall under four broad categories: Attack, Rest, Aid, or Explore. When you encounter dangers, Attack actions let you battle enemies engaged with you. Following a tough scrape, Rest actions provide you with a chance to heal your damage. Should you find yourself in a more secure position than your friends, Aid actions let you help your allies by storing successes that they can use at a later time. Finally, Explore actions invite you to investigate your surroundings, ultimately progressing to new areas. While every archetype has access to these four categories of activation cards, the specfics will vary. The aid of a healer will look very different than the Aid of a warrior!

Combining both skill and chance, the actions that you perform are modified by dice rolls that determine how successful the action is. After all, the most skilled swordsmen will perform little damage if they trip over a hidden root, and rest will not rejuvenate you if you spend the night tossing and turning. We will take a closer look at actions and the various activation cards available to each class in future previews.

After you’ve performed your actions, your opponents rally, perhaps readying for an attack, slipping in and out of the darkness, or striking your team of heroes with every foul ounce of power they possess. Often, enemies may advance to engage you or one of your comrades, retreat to the shadows, or inflict damage on any poor soul already engaged with them. But beyond this, your foes keep many tricks up their sleeves, and you never know what other dangerous abilities an opponent may possess. The best course of action may be to put them out of action before you find yourself completely overwhelmed!

During the Peril Phase, your party advances the peril token one space on the peril track, resolving any treacherous effects that may befall you along the way. You may become surrounded by enemies, or be blessed with a moment of reprieve. Still, you must be careful that your peril token never reaches the end of its track, for in that case, you must resolve the final and deadliest peril each time the track would advance. Even after your greatest suffering, there is no relief!

Finally, your party may choose to move to new locations, perhaps stepping deeper into the catacombs of an abandoned mine or exploring the far heart of a mysterious forest, provided you have fully explored your current location. Traveling offers you a chance to leave behind the enemies who still lurk in the shadows and draw a new location from the location deck. But be wary—each location comes with its own crop of dangers, so you may find that you have jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire! But if you choose your actions carefully and balance your parties’ talents, you just may stand a chance of surviving the most dangerous areas of Terrinoth and restoring some peace to the troubled realm.

Strike Back Against the Darkness

The sun has begun to set on Mennara and the Land of Steel is under threat from within, but the age of heroes may yet come again. Are you ready to dare the darkest depths of Terrinoth? Gather your team of adventurers and delve into the realm’s dangerous underbelly. The perils you will face are great, but so is the glory that awaits!