Lord of the Rings LCG: Ered Mithrin Campaign

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Lord of the Rings LCG Ered Mithrin Campaign Expansion

Dwarves had not passed that way for many years, but Gandalf had, and he knew how evil and danger had grown and thriven in the Wild, since the dragons had driven men from the lands, and the goblins had spread in secret after the battle of the Mines of Moria. Even the good plans of wise wizards like Gandalf and of good friends like Elrond go astray sometimes when you are off on dangerous adventures over the Edge of the Wild… – The Hobbit

In the time since the dragon Smaug’s defeat, the city of Dale has become a prosperous trade hub. The merchants are well-equipped to conduct their business, but as dark threats loom over Middle-earth and ever more people are torn from their homes, those merchants must join forces with heroes of Wilderland to defend their countryfolk from a mighty new foe.

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce Ered Mithrin, the next pair of repackaged expansions for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game!

Return to the Wilderlands of Middle-earth with the Ered Mithrin Hero Expansion and the Ered Mithrin Campaign Expansion. These products combine all of the content from The Wilds of Rhovanion and the corresponding Ered Mithrin cycle; all of the player cards from those expansions can be found in the Hero Expansion, while all of the scenario-related cards can be found in the Campaign Expansion, along with some new campaign cards that weren’t part of the original release. This is the perfect opportunity for new fans of the game to experience this much-beloved cycle of content, and for longtime fans to catch up on any parts of it that they may have missed. Whether you want one expansion or both, no fan of the game will want to miss out on Ered Mithrin!

Note:  For longtime fans of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game who already own everything from The Wilds of Rhovanion and the original Ered Mithrin cycle, only the campaign cards in the Campaign Expansion will be new content in these products. As with the Revised Core Set, the Angmar Awakened Campaign Expansion, and the Dream-chaser Campaign Expansion, these campaign cards will be made freely available on our website as print-and-play content upon the Campaign Expansion’s release.

Warriors of Wilderland

To face the growing threats casting shadows over Wilderland, the Ered Mithrin Hero Expansion brings a plethora of player cards to expand your deckbuilding options, including two heroes for each of the four spheres.

In this expansion, you’ll find a wide variety of heroes from Dale, Wilderland, and other parts of northern Middle-earth. First among them is Brand son of Bain (Ered Mithrin Hero Expansion, 1), a Leadership hero who powers up Dale characters with attachments. His son, Bard (Ered Mithrin HE, 5), also utilizes attachments, making them a powerful duo when working together. Use resources from both Brand and Bard’s pools to play an attachment like Ancestral Armor (Ered Mithrin HE, 15) or a Warrior Sword (Ered Mithrin HE, 33) onto a Dale ally like Guardian of Esgaroth (Ered Mithrin, 10) or Redwater Sentry (Ered Mithrin HE, 12), and you’ll be able to draw a card thanks to Brand’s ability. Dale allies significantly power up while they have attachments on them, and even when they are finally defeated, Bard’s ability allows you to reclaim their attachments to pass onto others. Once you’ve played your attachments, use Traffic from Dale (Ered Mithrin HE, 23) to restock your resources, then crown a hero as the King of Dale (Ered Mithrin HE, 48) to play more allies at a discount. After you’ve built your army of allies, rally them with To Arms! (Ered Mithrin HE, 54) to get multiple uses out of them in a turn. The people of Dale have been through a lot, but through working together and properly arming themselves, they can stand against even the most threatening foes!


Of course, there are more than just Dale characters in this expansion. Among the Lore heroes is the Istari Radagast (Ered Mithrin HE, 8), a friend to animals of all kinds. Radagast can call upon Creature allies regardless of their sphere, which means he can use his resources for Messenger Ravens (Ered Mithrin HE, 11), Wild Stallions (Ered Mithrin HE, 45), Loyal Hounds (Ered Mithrin HE, 58), and the great eagle Meneldor (Ered Mithrin HE, 27) alike. Even better, whenever you play a Creature card, Radagast can quest that round for free, making him a vital hero if you wish to fill your deck with birds and beasts.

If a bit of burglary is more your style, look no further than the Tactics hero Bilbo Baggins (Ered Mithrin HE, 3). This Hobbit hero can deal damage to an enemy in the staging area while questing, making him supremely useful when multitasking is key. Use this ability to help Bilbo defeat the enemy guarding Sting (Ered Mithrin HE, 32), and then equip it to Bilbo to make him even better. Combine Sting with Swift and Strong (Ered Mithrin HE, 38), and your enemies will learn not to underestimate this Hobbit!

Roam Across Rhovanion

Whether or not you take up arms with the Hero Expansion, you can still look forward to an epic tale in the Ered Mithrin Campaign Expansion!

This campaign takes all of the scenarios from The Wilds of Rhovanion and the original Ered Mithrin cycle of Adventure Packs and strings them together to form a grand narrative. What starts as a simple task of escorting a band of refugees to a new home quickly spirals into a drastically more dangerous quest to defeat a dragon that is terrorizing the countryside. Along the way, the heroes will battle Goblins, explore the vast Wilderland, and steel themselves for the showdown with the dragon itself!

Like with previous Campaign Expansions, the Ered Mithrin campaign boasts some new additions compared to the original cycle. New boon allies like Turayn (Ered Mithrin Campaign Expansion, 165) and Melanwar (Ered Mithrin CE, 168) can join you on your quest, and you can earn special Accolades like Unbroken (Ered Mithrin CE, 176) or The Steadfast (Ered Mithrin CE, 177) to power up your heroes. On the flipside, the scheming Urdug (Ered Mithrin CE, 54) can now utilize his Cunning (Ered Mithrin CE, 184) or take advantage of your Misplaced Trust (Ered Mithrin CE, 185), making dealing with this Goblin even trickier than before.

Also new to the Campaign Expansion is a brand-new card type: treasure cards! These cards function similarly to player attachments, but they must be discovered during the campaign before you can add them to your deck. Campaign cards such as Journey Up the Anduin (Ered Mithrin CE, 164) and Lost In Mirkwood (Ered Mithrin CE, 167) provide different conditions for gaining treasures, and if you manage to beat the scenario after claiming a treasure, you can use it for the rest of the campaign. Utilize these opportunities to get ahold of powerful artifacts, such as the Anvil of Gundabad (Ered Mithrin CE, 195), the Dwarf-Lord’s Crown (Ered Mithrin CE, 198), or the Masterwork Bow (Ered Mithrin CE, 203), and wield their abilities to aid your quest in later scenarios.

However, you must also tread carefully, for the enemy forces will grow stronger with each scenario as well. The Ered Mithrin campaign utilizes an evolving encounter deck that changes with each playthrough, thanks to the new treachery A Growing Threat (Ered Mithrin CE, 166). This special burden can add almost any standard encounter card into the campaign pool, which means you could end up dealing with certain threats for the entirety of the campaign. Even beyond that, though, there are also new burdens that strengthen over time, such as The Threat to Wilderland (Ered Mithrin CE, 171) and Dagnir’s Spawn (Ered Mithrin CE, 172). With so much variability and change over time, the encounter deck is sure to keep you on your toes until the very end!