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Fortunately, this expansion comes with plenty of potent hero cards to help you do just that. Frodo’s fellow Hobbits Sam Gamgee (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 3), Merry (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 4), and Pippin (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 6) all join the quest as a Leadership, Tactics, and Lore hero respectively. Each Hobbit has low threat cost but also low hit points, as well as stats that some might consider to be unimpressive. However, with cards like Bill the Pony (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 8), Hobbit Cloak (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 10), Halfling Determination (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 14), and Take No Notice (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 21), you’ll find that these Hobbit heroes excel at slipping past their enemies and working together to complete the quest bit by bit.

That said, if you are looking for a bit more raw power, then look no further than Gandalf (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 7). As a neutral hero, Gandalf does not belong to any sphere of influence, which means he normally can only spend his resources on neutral cards. However, his ability allows him to play the top card of your deck as if it were in your hand, and he “belongs” to all spheres when he does so. Combine that with tools like Gandalf’s Staff (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 22), Wizard Pipe (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 23), and Flame of Anor (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 24), and Gandalf is a mighty hero that can guide any team to victory.

The Road Darkens

The riding figure sat quite still with its head bowed, as if listening. From inside the hood came a noise as of someone sniffing… – The Fellowship of the Ring.

In addition to all the player content, this expansion also comes with six scenarios, which can be played individually or as an epic campaign.

As we mentioned earlier, this campaign recreates the events and encounters of The Fellowship of the Ring. You begin the story in the Shire, making your way through the wilderness and doing your best to avoid the Black Riders (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 39) that hound your every step. The first scenario introduces the “hide X” keyword and hide tests, which represent your characters’ efforts to avoid their pursuers as they journey. Failing to hide when facing the dreaded Nazgûl can have dire consequences, so you will always want to have friends on hand to help you slip past your enemies unseen. Make your way to Bucklebury Ferry (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 35), and you’ll be safe…for now.

As your journey continues, you’ll find yourself traveling to iconic locations from The Fellowship of the Ring, from The Prancing Pony (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 52) to Weathertop (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 53) to the Mines of Moria (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 124). You’ll have to contend with dangerous foes like The Witch-king (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 167), the Watcher in the Water (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 91), and The Balrog (The Fellowship of the Ring SE, 116), but if you hold firm and press ever onward, you will prevail.

Note: As a fun bit of trivia for newcomers to The Lord of the Rings: The Card GameThe Black Riders and The Road Darkens—the two saga expansions from which this one combines all the contents—were actually the expansions that pioneered the campaign mode for this game. This means that, even though the Revised Core Set and Angmar Awakened Campaign Expansion will have released before this product, The Fellowship of the Ring Saga Expansion is the one that contains the game’s very first campaign! Also, this campaign will continue to its conclusion at Mount Doom in later expansions, so keep an eye out in the future!

The Ring Goes South

With the forces of Sauron on the move, only you and your fellow heroes can help Frodo on his journey to destroy the One Ring. Whether you missed The Black Riders and/or The Road Darkens or are just now getting into
The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, you can look forward to adding The Fellowship of the Ring Saga Expansion to your collection when it releases this fall!