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Marvel Champions LCG: Captain America Hero Pack

“On Olympus, we measure wisdom against Athena, speed against Hermes, power against Zeus. But we measure courage against Captain America.”
–Hercules, Captain America #444

When Steve Rogers was deemed too frail to enlist during World War II, he took part in a secret government program to transform him into the world’s first Super-Soldier. With the help of a revolutionary serum, Rogers emerged from the experiment as the embodiment of physical perfection. Now in peak condition, Rogers served as a special operative and a bastion of freedom in World War II until an accident near the end of the war submerged him in ice for decades. Discovered by the Avengers in the modern era, Captain America continues to fight for the American Dream. A man out of time, but never out of courage.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Captain America Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

With his iconic shield made of pure vibranium, Captain America can lead the charge against even the most fearsome of foes, inspiring those around him with legendary valor.

Like all Hero Packs, the Captain America Hero Pack includes a fully-playable deck right out of the box that includes 15 Hero cards, 17 cards from the Leadership aspect, and 8 basic cards. Additionally, look for Captain America’s signature obligation and nemesis set, and three copies of one new card for each of the other aspects! This deck brings Captain America to the forefront of the action with his trusty shield, as he assists the heroes around him while calling on new Avengers to join the fight!

Stars and Stripes

No one can take a hit like Captain America (Captain America, 1A). No matter how much damage he takes, no matter how much effort he exerts, he can always push past his limits and continue the fight. This allows him to be twice as effective as a normal hero during his turn, standing up just when the villain thinks he’s out of gas!


With his iconic shield (Captain America, 9) in hand, Captain America is unrelenting in his desire to protect the freedom of others, and is always ready to defend the innocent and retaliate against the guilty. Not only can this symbol of freedom be used to protect Cap from harm, he has mastered its use as an offensive weapon, able to neutralize enemies with a quick Shield Toss (Captain America, 6) at a moment’s notice.

But it doesn’t take a costume and shield for Captain America to inspire those around him. As Steve Rogers (Captain America, 1B), Captain America can enlist new allies to join the fight against evil with ease. Any hero would jump at the chance to work with Captain America, and a well-coordinated team of Avengers led by the iconic hero can take down any foe! Furthermore, Cap is always prepared, and starts every game of Marvel Champions with his shield ready for action!


One of Captain America’s most trusted allies, Falcon (Captain America, 11) can get a bird’s-eye view of the battlefield, scanning for new treacheries before the villain can reveal them, allowing Cap to focus on defeating the villain and not worry about any unexpected tricks up their sleeve.

When Captain America has assembled his team, those who follow him can push themselves beyond their limits when it means standing next to the most legendary hero in the Marvel Universe. When all hope seems lost, Cap can use  Avengers Assemble! (Captain America, 15) to have elite squad of Avengers gain a second wind and work together to thwart a villain’s plans once and for all. Even Honorary Avengers (Captain America, 25) can heed the call!

Generational Grudge

As a Man Out of Time (Captain America, 26) Steve Rogers knows he will never truly belong in this new heroic age, and this long history can lead to a sense of loss at the worst of times. The looming shadow of the past constantly hangs over Captain America, ready to strike at just the right time in the form of Baron Zemo (Captain America, 28).

The son of Baron Heinrich Zemo, Baron Helmut Zemo seeks revenge on Captain America for thwarting his father during the second World War, and can show up when Captain America least expects it.

With the Quickstrike ability, Baron Zemo immediately attacks Captain America when he enters the fray, and can prevent the good captain from stopping the main villain’s scheme. But Baron Zemo doesn’t show up without a plan. With the help of Hydra, Baron Zemo enters the battle with the intent of defeating every hero in sight. Can you keep Zemo and Hydra at bay while saving the world?

The Price of Freedom

The Captain America Hero Pack contains a complete deck. However, each of the other three aspects also receives three copies of one new card in this pack. These cards are not a part of Captain America’s deck, but provide more options during deck-building for any hero in the game! This includes Expert Defense (Captain America, 33), a new card for the Protection aspect that allows a character to defend themselves from even the heartiest attack. When the enemy is preparing for a massive assault, a well-timed Expert Defense can stop them in their tracks.

With new options for every aspect, the Captain America Hero Pack is your next step to adventure in Marvel Champions: The Card Game!