Marvel Champions LCG: Jubilee


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Marvel Champions LCG: Jubilee

“You should know, I get torqued when people ignore me!”

Orphaned as a teenager, Jubilation Lee survived on her own by taking up residence in her favorite shopping mall. After her mutant power to generate explosive energy manifested, she found a new home with the X-Men. Now, she uses her powers as the colorful hero, Jubilee!

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the Jubilee Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

This bright, energetic hero bursts into battle with this expansion pack, which introduces Jubilee as a new playable hero alongside her fifteen signature cards. With a pre-built Justice deck ready to play from the moment you open the box, you’ll be able to shine some colorful lights on the villain’s schemes from the get-go. With her unique emphasis on spending resources of different types, Jubilee is a flashy hero that can brighten up your games.

This hero pack also includes a bonus modular encounter set featuring the assassin (and death trap enthusiast) Arcade!

Like, Totally

Even among other heroes in Marvel ChampionsJubilee (Jubilee, 1A) has a bit of a unique kit. Her playstyle is all about utilizing different resource types in big, bright bursts, and her innate ability helps her get that done—after all, a “wild” resource can be treated as any type you want!


As for her alter-ego side, as someone who used to live in a mall, it makes sense that Jubilation Lee (Jubilee, 1B) is still a mall rat at heart. With her unique player side scheme, Shopping Spree (Jubilee, 3), she can search her deck and discard pile for handy Item cards like her Coat (Jubilee, 4) and Sunglasses (Jubilee, 5). Each of these items adds an extra bit of spice to her Thwart and Attack events respectively, depending on the number of different resource types she spent for those events. See where this is going?

Outside of her shopping trip, Jubilee’s events are where her powers really shine. She can fry an enemy and stun them with Firecracker (Jubilee, 7A), remove some threat and confuse an enemy with Flash of Light (Jubilee, 8A), or stun and confuse multiple enemies at once with a Blinding Flash (Jubilee, 6). Different copies of her signature events have different printed resource icons to help fuel her “multiple resource types” engine, but you can also always power her events with Plasmoid Energy (Jubilee, 10A), which itself has three (Jubilee, 10B) different (Jubilee, 10C) versions.


Jubilee’s powers are potent, but she will eventually have to flip back to alter-ego to rest and recover…and go on another shopping spree. Thankfully, her pre-built Justice deck comes with plenty of tools for keeping threat in check. Husk (Jubilee, 12) can use Jubilee’s mixture of resources to power herself up, while Chamber (Jubilee, 11) can take advantage of the confusion Jubilee inflicted to attack without consequence. In a pinch, Jubilee can don a Disguise (Jubilee, 13) to thwart even while in alter-ego form, which also happens to work wonderfully with her Shopping Spree player side scheme—you can either use Shopping Spree to find Disguise, or use Disguise to clear the threat off Shopping Spree!

Once you’ve got a scheme down to low threat, finish it off with Jubilee to Waylay (Jubilee, 14) the villain’s plans. Use Jubilee’s spectrum of resources to get the most out of Three Steps Ahead (Jubilee, 15) and Multitalented (Jubilee, 21), then call on Wolverine (Jubilee, 2) to help you clear threat from Generation X (Jubilee, 16) and hunt for one of her powerful events. She and Logan make a bit of an Unlikely Duo (Jubilee, 22), but they actually work pretty well together!

A Deadly Game

As we mentioned earlier, the Jubilee Hero Pack also comes with a brand-new modular encounter set. This set features the eccentric assassin, Arcade (Jubilee, 30), who is quite fond of putting the heroes into Elaborate Traps (Jubilee, 34). His encounter set is mostly side schemes; first, he provides a big Welcome to Murderworld (Jubilee, 31), then he invites the heroes into his Funhouse (Jubilee, 32) before finally trapping them within a Hall of Mirrors (Jubilee, 33).

As with all other modular encounter sets, the Arcade set can be added to any scenario for some extra challenge. Can you survive his villainous death traps?

Mall Rat

With her focus on different resource types and powerful events, Jubilee is a flashy and fun hero and a great addition to any team. Look forward to battling the forces of Apocalypse with Jubilee at your side when the Jubilee Hero Pack launches in July!