Pokémon TCG Eevee Vmax Special Collection (Japans)


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Pokémon TCG Eevee Heroes is a Japanese Pokémon card set that functions as an addition to the Silver Lance/Jet-Black Spirit set which was released in April 2021. Eevee Heroes focuses on the celebrated Eeveelutions as it includes cards for Leafeon V, Flareon V, Vaporeon V, Glaceon V/VMAX, Jolteon V, Espeon V, Sylveon V, and Umbreon V/VMAX. The Eevee Heroes delivers more full art and alternative art Japanese Pokémon cards than any set that preceded it.

The Pokémon TCG Eevee Heroes VMAX Special Set is a great way to start collecting the various promo Japanese Pokémon cards included in the set. Each box comes with a special VMAX pack that includes one of four Eevee Evolution promo cards in the form of either Vaporeon VMAX, Jolteon VMAX, Flareon VMAX, or Espeon VMAX, as well as three reverse holo Energy cards that match the energy of the featured Eeveelution promo card. You will also receive eight Eevee Heroes booster packs.