Smash Up: Cease and Desist


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Smash Up: Cease and Desist brings you some of the coolest new factions that are TOTALLY not anything at all like some awesome movies and TV shows that we are really into.  Not at all!

Smash Up: Cease and Desist
Smash Up: Cease and Desist

Smash Up: Cease and Desist can be played on its own as a two-player game or combined with other Smash Up titles to allow for up to four players to compete for control of bases at the same time.

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Smash Up: Cease and Desist includes four factions — Astroknights, Changerbots, Star Roamers, and Ignobles — with 22 cards for each faction. To play, you shuffle together any two factions, whether from this set or any other Smash Up title, then start playing.


Use the power of the Fours to defeat your enemies. Beware traps. Shoot first.

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Star Roamers

The Star Roamers move about space, teleporting your minions from one quadrant to another.  They are on a multi-year mission to seek out new fun, explore strange new combos and put ridiculous numbers of redshirts in mortal danger.

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Changerbots can transmorph into various forms, with new abilities and strengths. They’re in disguise. And they’re robots. And possibly small electrical appliances. But whatever – they’re IN DISGUISE!

Smash Up: Cease and Desist
Smash Up: Cease and Desist


The Ignobles fight over the king’s seat, but don’t trust any of them! They pay their debts, and wait for winter (seriously, we hope winter hurries up already). And when you least expect it – RANDOM DRAGONS! Because everything is better with dragons.