The Great Wall: Ancient Beasts


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The Great Wall: Ancient Beasts

12 new Advisors
4 of the new Advisors are based on mythical beasts and come along with meeples/miniatures, depicting statues of these fantastic creatures. Player, who buys one of them, may place the miniature in a dedicated place on the board to gain new, powerful benefits. The location it will be placed is crucial, so it’s essential to plan it right!
Qilin, as a symbol of prosperity, allows gathering additional wood, gold, stones, or Meditation from a chosen Location. Qilin is like an extraordinary Clerk – it doesn’t need any empty slot, and when it is removed from the board, you may place a regular Clerk in its place for free.

Yinglong, a mighty winged dragon, will inspire your soldiers. You place Yinglong on a chosen Wall Section – it allows you to gather your forces in this place instantly. Additionally, Soldiers under Yinglong presence fight with great zeal, counting as two when gaining Honor for defeated Hordes!

Spirit Turtle, a sacred shelled beast, blesses your army with resilience, lowering your losses on one of the Wall Sections. How? Your Soldiers won’t die here!

Finally, Fenghuang, a blessed bird, is a symbol of virtue. Exchange all your Overseers for Fenghuang and place it on a chosen Location. It acts as triple Overseer of the maximum level in this Location. Additionally, your former Overseers go back to your pool, so you can recruit them again in the Barracks!

Other 8 Advisors are similar to Advisors from the core game, but in the case of the essential mechanics, the more the better – more choice and more replayability (but the base game offers tons of options).
Here are a few examples:
Allow your Cavalry to move freely between Walls!

Gain more precious Honor if you are a leader!
Take 1 Artifact and make it your own!
Ignore the Honor penalty when you activate Location on your own!

8 new Tactic cards
2 new types of Tactic card (4 copies of each) will change your strategy.
Here’s your new options during battles:
Hold the Line! – it rewards cooperation: all players that defend the Wall Section gain additional Honor. But, of course, you will gain the best benefit 😉
Wipeout – raise the stakes! If you win, your Soldiers may attack again this turn! If not, they will die.
“Ancient Chronicle” Game Modes
6 new “Ancient Chronicle” Game Modes bringing further challenges for your game. Plan on how to gain an advantage against other clans using new rules introduced during each Year of the game.
More themes and background stories, more exciting new special rules, buildings, setup changes and so on.
10 Relics
Players gain a new option of scoring – they may use new type of cards: Relics. Relics are similar to Artifacts, but:
You can upgrade them, so they will grant better benefits for all (but you also give a signal to your opponents that you’re interested in this Relic),