Valda Rise of the Giants


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Valda Rise of the Giants

This expansion for Valda gives you the chance to discover the power of the Giants,
15 new cards for the main decks and 68 new divine cards that offer you brand new powers with never before-seen graphics. A new powerful resource, 7 new divine powers (for the Giants), double sided action/building tokens and 5 new player boards complete this expansion. You need the base game to play this expansion.

Key Features:

  • Discover the Power of Giants: Unleash the might of the Giants with 68 new cards featuring never-before-seen graphics and abilities, offering a fresh gaming experience every time.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: With 15 new cards for the base deck, 7 Giant powers, and double-sided action tokens, elevate your strategy and outmaneuver your opponents like never before.
  • New Resource: Harness the strength of a new powerful resource to fuel your conquests and secure your dominance on the battlefield.
  • Immersive Experience: Explore the rich lore of Asgard as Hel, Queen of the Underworld, schemes to expand her empire, plunging the realm into chaos and war. Can you rise above the chaos and claim victory?
  • Ultimate Triumph: Choose your path to victory between the Gods and Giants, strategically utilizing their powers to amass followers, build temples, and ascend to godhood. Only the most worthy chieftain will emerge victorious and claim their place among the divine.